UK leaves the EU

The UK has voted to leave the European Union - sparking an economic and political earthquake. Shortly after the Leave campaign secured a 51.9% majority
David Cameron has resigned as Prime Minister after Britain voted to leave the European Union. Mr Cameron fought back the tears this morning as he announced his resignation.
Former London mayor said the UK had a "glorious opportunity" to control its own taxes and borders and "find our voice in the world again".
Meanwhile, Labour MPs have submitted a no-confidence motion in leader Jeremy Corbyn after criticism of his efforts in the Remain campaign.
Mr Corbyn told Sky News earlier he would not resign. The result also exposes divisions across the UK The first party leader to speak after the declaration was UKIP's Nigel Farage, who labelled 23 June "independence day" and demanded the creation of a "Brexit government". Reaction is also emerging from the continent, with European Council President Donald Tusk admitting the EU would have to reflect on its own future.

Roses layed for murdered MP Jo Cox

House of Commons was replaced by somber silence and heartfelt tributes Monday for as roses were layed for slain MP Jo Cox, while the man charged with her slaying made a brief appearance in court by video link from prison.MP's lined the benches and stood in the aisles of the House for a special session in Cox's memory. Some wiped away tears, and each wore a white rose, symbol of Cox's home county of Yorkshire.
Parliament was in recess for campaigning in the European Union referendum when Cox was shot and stabbed to death outside a library in her northern England constituency on Thursday. The suspect, Thomas Mair, gave his name during a court
appearance as "death to traitors, freedom for Britain."The killing — the first of a sitting British legislator in more than a quarter of a century — prompted an outpouring of shock and grief, and brought a three-day halt to campaigning for this week's referendum.

Muhammad Ali's funeral

Fans throw flowers as casket carrying boxer and rights activist makes its way through streets of his hometown. Thousands have attended a farewell procession for boxing legend Muhammad Ali in his home city of Louisville, in the US state of Kentucky.
Onlookers cheered his cortege as it passed by on its way to a city cemetery where he was then buried in a private service for family and friends. Former President Bill Clinton and members of the boxing legend's family spoke at a service attended by some 18,000 people.

Legend Muhammad Ali Has passed away at the age of 74

Boxing legend Muhammad Ali - one of the world's greatest sporting figures - has died at the age of 74.The former world heavyweight champion died late on Friday at a hospital in the US city of Phoenix, Arizona, having been admitted on Thursday.
He had been suffering from a respiratory illness, a condition that was complicated by Parkinson's disease.
Ali's funeral will take place in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, said his family.
Tributes for the heavyweight great have been pouring in from across the world.
"Muhammad Ali shook up the world. And the world is better for it," said US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle.
Former President Bill Clinton - husband of Democratic frontrunner Hillary - said the boxer had been "courageous in the ring, inspiring to the young, compassionate to those in need, and strong and good-humoured in bearing the burden of his own health challenges".
Republican presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump, meanwhile, tweeted that Ali was "truly great champion and a wonderful guy. He will be missed by all!"
Mr.T from the 80s Tv show "The A-Team" - who worked with the iconic boxing champion during a period of his life protecting the rich and famous that spanned almost a decade - revealed the sporting icon would actually stop crimes and fights in rough neighborhoods.
The star said that he "loved the man", and revealed just how much the legendary boxer inspired him.He said: "He's my hero. I had an opportunity to bodyguard [for him] back in the day. I used to write essays and speeches about him. He's my hero."

Here on wats-up we like to give our condolences to his family and would like to say:
Muhammad Ali was a true inspiration an amazing person inside the ring and out. He fought for what he believed in like Black rights, human rights and religious rights. We have truly lost a special, one in a kind human being who was fearless, strong, compassionate, caring and kind. He taught the world to fight and never give up no matter how the odds were against you. Always push forward & persevere no matter what.
God bless you Muhammad Ali and may you rest in perfect peace!!
R.I.P Muhammad Ali you will always be remembered in the hearts of generations, a true legend!!

The Queen remark about Chinese officials after Cameron's comment on how Afghanistan and Nigeria were "fantastically corrupt"

The Queen has been filmed saying Chinese officials were "very rude" during last year's state visit by President Xi Jinping.She was discussing their treatment of Britain's ambassador to China with a senior police officer at a Buckingham Palace garden party on Tuesday.The Queen's remarks were filmed as she was introduced to Metropolitan Police Commander Lucy D'Orsi, who the monarch is told had overseen security during President Xi's visit to the UK in October.She is heard to respond: "Oh, bad luck."
It came after David Cameron was overheard saying Afghanistan and Nigeria were "fantastically corrupt".Mr Buhari said he was more interested in the return of stolen assets held in British banks, adding that corruption in Nigeria was endemic and his government was committed to fighting it.
The Afghan embassy in London said tackling corruption was one of President Ghani's top priorities and "bold" action had been taken.Mr Cameron's original comment about the two countries came while he was speaking at an event to mark the Queen's 90th birthday about hosting world and business leaders at this week's anti-corruption summit in London. 24 hours later David Cameron told MPs Nigeria and Afghanistan have taken "remarkable steps forward" on corruption.

Prince dies at his home at the age of 57

Prince, the pioneering musician, has died at his home at the age of 57, days after being rushed to hospital after falling ill on tour. The singer, real name Prince Rogers Nelson, was confirmed dead at Paisley Park, Minnesota, the estate where he lived and worked in a recording studio, after his body was found unresponsive. Fans laid purple flowers on Thursday around the compound in tribute as they flocked to console one another, with musicians around the world hailing Prince and his legacy.
R.I.P Prince Rogers Nelson you were a true musical lengend!!

Former wrestler Chyna has been found dead at the age of 46

Former WWE wrestler Chyna has been found dead at an apartment in Redondo Beach, California, at the age of 45, police have confirmed.Chyna, whose real name is Joan Laurer, was found by a friend who immediately called police. However, a police statement confirmed that she had died some time before being found. A statement released on her verified Twitter account read: "It is with deep sadness to inform you today that we lost a true icon, a real life superhero. Joanie Laurer aka Chyna, the 9th wonder of the world has passed away. She will live forever in the memories of her millions of fans and all of us that loved her." R.I.P Joanie Laurer gone too fast!

David Cameron offshore wealth fund, tax row

As Parliament returns from an Easter break, opposition leaders plan to challenge Cameron in the House of Commons over past investment in an offshore account set up by his late father. Cameron's father, Ian Cameron, has been identified as a client of a Panamanian law firm that specializes in helping the wealthy reduce their tax burdens. More than 11 million documents from the firm Mossack Fonseca have been leaked to international media, in one of the biggest data breaches in history.
Ian Cameron's fund, Blairmore Holdings, was not illegal, but revelations about the Cameron family finances have overshadowed the government's claim that it is committed to closing tax loopholes. David Cameron, a former PR man with a reputation for sharp political intuition, appears to have been caught off-guard by the issue. His office initially insisted that the prime minister's financial arrangements were private, before acknowledging that Cameron and his wife had sold some 30,000 pounds ($44,000) in shares in the offshore fund shortly before he became prime minister in 2010.
Finally, on Sunday Cameron published a summary of his tax returns since 2009, becoming the first British leader to do so. The records appear to show that Cameron paid his full share of tax — 75,898 pounds on taxable income of 200,307 pounds in the most recent tax year.
But the document also generated a new round of headlines over a 200,000 pound gift from his mother on which Cameron — completely legally — paid no tax. Several other politicians, including Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, followed Cameron's lead and published their tax returns, and more are likely to follow.

Chancellor George Osborne and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn have become the latest senior British politicians to publish details of their tax returns.

A series of terror bomb attacks claims at least 34 people in Brussels

Two explosions in the departures area of Brussels Airport killed 14 people. They were followed shortly afterwards by another blast on the city's Metro, which killed at least 20 people on a busy train. The Belgian federal prosecutor said all three explosions
were terrorist attacks. The first blasts which hit the city this morning are believed to have happened near the airport's American Airlines and Brussels Airlines check-in desks. Up to 14 people died in the attack in the airport’s departure hall at 8am (7am GMT). At least thirty five people were seriously injured. Then 79 minutes later at 9.19am, at least 20 people were killed and 55 injured, some critically, when a blast hit a Metro station just 400 metres from the EU headquarters in the city centre.

Magician Paul Daniels dies of brain tumour a day after the passing of Thunderbirds voice actress Sylvia Anderson

Magician Paul Daniels has died aged 77, after being diagnosed with a brain tumour. He was at his Berkshire home with wife Debbie McGee when he died in the early hours of Thursday. This came a day after the passing of Sylvia Anderson aged 88 who was best
known as the voice of Lady Penelope in the TV show Thunderbirds (Anderson co-created the hit science-fiction puppet series, which ran from 1965, with her late husband Gerry).
"Debbie and the family would like to thank everyone for their support and asks that their privacy be respected at this sad time," Paul Daniels publicist said. Daniels leaves his three sons from a previous marriage - Martin, Paul and Gary.
R.I.P Paul Daniels R.I.P Sylvia Anderson, they really inspired the golden age of childrens Televison!

Beatles producer Sir George Martin dies at 90

George Martin, known as "the fifth Beatle" for his work in shaping the band that became one of the world's most influential music forces, has died at the age of 90.
He was considered the most successful music producer ever, cited in the Guinness Book of Records for having more than 50 No. 1 hit records over five decades in the United States and Britain alone.He helped score, arrange, and produce many of the band's biggest hits, including "I Wanna Hold Your Hand," "A Day in the Life", “Yesterday”, "Eleanor Rigby" and "Love Me Do".
Martin worked with countless others over a career that spanned decades, including Peter Sellers, Shirley Bassey, America, Cheap Trick, Jeff Beck and Celine Dion. But his fame, and his influence, rests on the seven years he spent with the Beatles, the most successful group in music history a group Martin helped propel to the top spot with his musical expertise, tasteful arrangements and willing experimentation.Paul McCartney said, Martin was "like a second father to me."
"If anyone earned the title of the fifth Beatle it was George," he said in a statement. "From the day that he gave The Beatles our first recording contract, to the last time I saw him, he was the most generous, intelligent and musical person I've ever had the pleasure to know."Ringo Starr thanked the producer in a tweet: "God bless George Martin peace and love to Judy and his family." Judy refers to Martin's wife of nearly 50 years.
R.I.P George !!

Tyrese Gibson Slams Chris Rock

Fast & Furious star Tyrese Gibson has laid into Oscars host Chris Rock after the comedian and actor used his opening monologue to mock Jada Pinkett Smith for her decision not to attend this year’s ceremony in protest against the awards’ lack of racial diversity. Gibson took to Instagram to lambast Rock for criticising Pinkett Smith, who made the first call for a boycott of the Oscars on Twitter last month.“Someone posted the tasteless joke that Chris Rock did in his opening,” he wrote. “Did you really use your STAGE to tear down and diminish one of the strongest most fearless black women IN this town as the world watched?? “Jokes are just jokes right? Not when someone is trying to affect change..Not when someone is willing to put it ALL on the line to affect change for our daughters and sons of the future.... Shame on you Chris Rock.

Didcot building collapses

The search for three people missing at Didcot Power Station is being hampered by the "unstable" section still standing, fire officials said. The station was in the process of being demolished when it collapsed yesterday, killing one and injuring five.

Polish prime minister defeats Cameron on crackdown on migrant benefits as Mr Duncan Smith states staying in the EU exposes UK to terror risk

Polish prime minister Beata Szydlo, said the deal struck by European leaders would ensure Poles living and working in Britain could continue to receive welfare payments, taking to Twitter in the aftermath of the summit to herald the agreement. Insiders say it was her resistance to Cameron's demands that had been one of the main reasons why the Brussels summit dragged on for 31 hours. Mr Cameron had wanted an 'emergency brake' to stop migrant workers claiming benefits to last as long as 13 years, but after objections from Eastern European countries including Poland this was watered down to seven years. The Poles also fought against the proposal to stop migrant workers in Britain receiving generous Child Benefit for families in their homeland. Under the new agreement, existing claimants will not see any change until 2020.
David Cameron has admitted after weeks of intense negotiations to secure an EU reform deal in Brussels that he still does not know of how an “emergency brake” on migrant benefits would be implemented. When pressed on the bbc Andrew Marr show about the details of the deal he has secured with the rest of Europe, Mr Cameron admitted “we’re going to settle all that later”. The EU referendum is set for the 23rd of June.

Staying in the EU will make the UK more vulnerable to Paris-style terrorist attacks, Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith has told the BBC. Mr Duncan Smith, who is campaigning for an EU exit, also questioned the effectiveness of curbs to migrants' benefits on immigration to the UK. The senior minister's comments directly contradict David Cameron, who says the UK is "safer and stronger" in the EU. The senior minister's comments directly contradict David Cameron, who says the UK is "safer and stronger" in the EU.

David Cameron EU summit

David Cameron's hopes of getting a reform deal on Friday look in doubt as haggling continues at the EU summit. European leaders have reportedly been told to book hotels as talks on a final text, planned for breakfast, slipped back first to lunch, and now to dinner. Several EU nations are digging their heels in over plans to curb migrant benefits and change EU regulations.The prime minster had planned to return to the UK to fire the starting gun on an EU referendum campaign on Friday.But stumbling blocks still remain after a day of one-to-one meetings and there is speculation talks will continue into Saturday.
Time is ticking for June 23 referendum s David Cameron’s prolonged renegotiation of Britain’s relationship with Europe might be nearing the end, but the official referendum campaigns will not chosen for some weeks.According to law – the Political Parties and Referendums Act 2000 – there has to be a minimum of 10 weeks before any referendum can take place.However, the Electoral Commission, the elections watchdog, has said that it needs another six weeks in order to choose which can be the official “in” and “out” campaigns.

Greek PM threatens to veto entire deal which is further headache for David Cameron emerged when Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras threatened to veto the entire deal if Mr Cameron did not commit to keeping the Greek norther border open.
Mr Tsipras is concerned that a number of Eastern European countries such as Bulgaria, Albania and Macedonia are planning to close their borders with Greece, effectively keeping all refugees and migrants within Greek borders.

Beyonce and Bruno Mars perform during halftime at Super Bowl 50

Sunday night was the dance-off between Beyoncé and Bruno Mars. The Pepsi halftime show during Super Bowl 50 went all out to deliver the stars for the event’s golden anniversary, and they shone as bright as anyone could have hoped.
Fresh from debuting her superb new single “Formation” (which dropped on Saturday), and dressed in a gold and black outfit that echoed her idol Michael Jackson when he performed at Super Bowl XXVII in 1993, a sensational Beyoncé danced up a storm, and did it while wearing heeled boots on grass.As usual former Mayor Rudy Giuliani (who is known to have issue with the black community) blasted Beyoncé’s halftime performance at the Super Bowl — accusing her of using her platform to “attack police officers.”At Sunday night’s big game, the singer used her moments in the spotlight to highlight racial tension — with her dancers wearing berets similar to those worn by the Black Panthers.Prior to the performance, some of Beyoncé’s dancers posed for a picture with their fists raised to the sky, evoking the black power salute by two prominent athletes during the 1968 Olympic Games.
They also snapped a similar shot while holding a sign that said “Justice 4 Mario Woods,” referring to the 26-year-old man shot dead in December by San Francisco police.

A high amount of people say EU Proposals is a Bad Deal

David Cameron says a draft deal aimed at keeping Britain in the EU will deliver the "substantial change" he has been demanding to how it is run. But UKIP leader Nigel Farage described the packet of measures as "pathetic",
saying it was "a few cobbled together words that mean frankly nothing". A Sky poll reveals 69% of public say Mr. Cameron's EU deal is a bad one. The same poll indicates that despite David Cameron saying he has delivered "significant change", nearly half of the public say the new proposals would make them less likely to vote to stay in the EU. Boris Johnson said the UK has a "great, great future" outside the EU. MrJohnson also asked the prime minister what the package would do to restore UK sovereignty and curb EU regulations.

Oscar awards unfair to black and minority actors which has sparked people boycotting the awards

Film director Spike Lee and actress Jada Pinkett Smith have said they will not attend next month's Oscars ceremony because of the lack of black nominees.
Among those overlooked were the NWA biopic Straight Outta Compton for best picture and Will Smith for best actor in NFL film Concussion.Oscar-winning actor George Clooney has accused the Academy Awards of "moving in the wrong direction" amid controversy over lack of diversity. For the second year running, no black or minority actors have been nominated in the four Oscars acting categories. Star Wars actress Lupita Nyong'o also said she is "disappointed by the lack of inclusion" in the nominations. Academy president Cheryl Boone Isaacs vowed to review its membership as stars pledged to boycott the ceremony.Clooney, who has won two Academy Awards, said: "We need to get better at this. We used to be better at it."
Nyong'o, who won a best supporting actress Oscar for 12 Years a Slave in 2014, wrote on Instagram that she stands with those "calling for change" and that the awards should be a "diverse reflection of the best of what our art has to offer today". And British director Steve McQueen, whose 12 Years a Slave won best film, has said black actors need to be given a "fair bite".

David Bowie dies of cancer

Singer David Bowie has died at the age of 69 from cancer. His son, film director Duncan Jones, confirmed the news and a statement was issued on his social media accounts. "David Bowie died peacefully today surrounded by his family after a courageous 18-month battle with cancer," it said, asking for privacy for his family.Tributes have been paid to Bowie, one of the most influential musicians of his era, from around the world. David Bowie was 69. Rip David Bowie a truly special and talented person.

Fox News host Andrea Tantaros makes a disgusting comment on President Obama speach

Fox News host Andrea Tantaros suggested on Tuesday President Barack Obama had used a “raw onion” to produce fake tears forshooting victims during his press conference on gun violence.Tantaros said that she didn’t buy the emotion because “he would have spoken out a long time ago. This is how many years? Almost eight years, he’s almost at the end of his term,” she continued. “And you haven’t heard him go to Chicago and really speak out about this issue. So, I would check that podium for like a raw onion or some No More Tears,” Tantaros quipped. “It’s not really believable. And the award goes to… we are in awards season.”
Co-host Meghan McCain agreed: “It just didn’t seem horribly authentic. And maybe it is, I don’t know him at all.”She continued to say: “Go to your hometown of Chicago instead of talking about God-fearing Americans when ISIS is coming to their hometown,” McCain advised.The internet has lit up with people expressing their disgust on Andrea Tantaros and Meghan McCain comments.

Happy Newyears!!

Wishing every one a happy Newyear!!

Star Wars film breaks opening day box office record

Cinemagoers in the UK and Ireland spent almost £10m to watch the new Star Wars film on its first day of release - a new opening day box office record. The £9.64m tally beat the previous best of £9.48m, set by Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 in 2011.Midnight screenings of Star Wars: The Force Awakens on Thursday morning accounted for £2.4m of ticket sales.
The first full reviews for the new Star Wars film The Force Awakens have described it as "a triumph" and a "classic".Fans turned out in London's Leicester Square for the UK premiere of one of the year's most hotly-anticipated films.Cast and crew jetted from Los Angeles to London in a posh plane made to look like lovable blue and silver droid R2-D2 and emblazoned with the Star Wars logo on the fuselage
to attend the premiere.

Roman Catholic nun Mother Teresa to be made a saint next year

Pope Francis has recognised a second miracle attributed to Mother Teresa, clearing the way for the Roman Catholic nun to be made a saint next year.The miracle involved the healing of a Brazilian man with several brain tumours in 2008, the Vatican said. Mother Teresa died in 1997 and was beatified - the first step towards sainthood - in 2003. She won the Nobel Peace Prize for her work with the poor in the slums of the Indian city of Kolkata (Calcutta).
She is expected to be canonised in Rome in September.

Police caught erasing video footage after murdering 17-year-old Laquan McDonald

Chicago, IL — Accused of deleting the surveillance video of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald’s death, several officers appearedin recently released screenshots tampering with Burger King’s computers before the footage mysteriously disappeared.
Although 86 minutes of the surveillance video have gone missing, including the moment that McDonald was gunned down, Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez claims no one tampered with the footage.Surrounded by officers and suspected of breaking into cars on October 20, 2014, Laquan McDonald, 17, was attempting to walk
away from a group of Chicago cops when Officer Jason Van Dyke exited his patrol car. According to initial reports, McDonald was armed with a knife and lunged at Officer Van Dyke. Fearing for his life and the lives of his fellow officers, Van Dyke
shot the teen in the chest out of self-defense.But this statment made by the police was far from the truth, what actually happened was 17 year old Laquan McDonald was walking across the road when he was shot 16 times by Officer Jason Van Dyke.

Turkey reportedly shot down a Russian military aircraft

The Turkish military has reportedly shot down a Russian military aircraft on the border with Syria. Russia's defence ministry said an Su-24 had crashed on Syrian territory after being hit by fire from the ground. But Turkish military officials said Turkish F-16s had shot down the plane after repeatedly warning its two crew they were violating Turkish airspace.The former British ambassador to Moscow Sir Andrew Wood says the development is dangerous due to the "overall background" of relations in
the region. Russia and Syria are two key protagonists in the Syrian civil war. Russia has been supporting Syrian President Bashar al Assad with airstrikes it claims are aimed at Islamic State. However Russia is also understood to have targeted more
moderate Syrian rebel groups. Turkey is fiercely opposed to the Assad regime. It is also a member of NATO.

David Cameron may ask parliament for air strike approval and Belgian on high alert

In Paris, British Prime Minister David Cameron said he will ask for parliamentary approval for the U.K. to join airstrikes against Islamic State extremists in Syria. The raids began late Sunday, capping a tense weekend that saw hundreds of troops patrolling and authorities hunting for one or more suspected extremists including Salah Abdeslam, a fugitive since being named a suspect in the Nov. 13 Paris attacks. Between Sunday night and midday Monday, 21 people were detained. The Belgian government kept the capital on the highest state of alert in the face of what it described as a "serious and imminent" threat, preventing a return to normal in the city that is also host to the European Union's main institutions.

Federal prosecutor Eric Van Der Sypt said 19 raids were carried out Sunday in Molenbeek, home to many of the Paris attackers, and other boroughs of Brussels, and three raids were carried out in Charleroi. Abdeslam was not among those arrested.
Van Der Sypt said no firearms or explosives were found.

Over 120 people killed in Paris terror attacks

French President Francois Hollande said this morning that the deadly attacks were carried out by ISIS in an "act of war", as police revealed a Syrian passport had been found on one of the attackers close to a football stadium in the north of the city.

He said the co-ordinated shootings and bombings were planned and organised by terrorists abroad but with help from sleeper cells inside France, and vowed a "merciless" fight to defeat those responsible. As Mr Hollande made a televised French address, he called the Paris terror attacks: "An act of war that was prepared, organised, planned from abroad with internal help." He added that France “will be merciless toward the barbarians of Islamic State group."ISIS later claimed in an online statement that it was behind the attacks.

Police have established the identity of one of the terrorists behind the attacks on the Bataclan concert hall in Paris. His fingerprints have been used to identify him. The attacker was a French citizen, BFM TV reported.The authorities haven’t disclosed the man’s name yet. It comes about an hour after a Syrian passport was found near the body of one of the suicide bombers who blew himself up near the Stade de France, Gatwick Terminal's North Terminal shut down after reports of 'suspect package' at airport. France also in lockdown after a series of coordinated terror attacks across Paris on Friday.

IsIs terrorist Mohammed Emwazi aka "Jihadi John" may have been killed in an air strike

US officials are now "99 per cent sure" the Islamic State jihadi has been killed as he left a building in Raqqa as Pentagon try to get confirmation Mohammed Emwazi is dead. A US military source said there was a "high degree of certainty" he had been killed in Thursday's attack in Raqqa. Mohammed Emwazi, a Kuwaiti-born British militant, appeared in videos of the beheadings of Western hostages. UK PM David Cameron said although it was not yet certain whether the strike had been successful, targeting Emwazi was "the right thing to do". It is believed there was one other person in the vehicle targeted in the strike.

Internet activity of everyone in Britain will be monitored and stored

The internet activity of everyone in Britain will have to be stored for a year by service providers, under new surveillance law plans. Police and intelligence officers will be able to see the names of sites people have visited without a warrant, Home Secretary Theresa May said. But there would be new safeguards over MI5, MI6 and the police spying on the full content of people's web use. The wide-ranging draft Investigatory Powers Bill also contains proposals covering how the state can hack devices and run operations to sweep up large amounts of data as it flows through the internet, enshrining in law the previously covert activities of GCHQ, as uncovered by whistleblower Edward Snowden.

South Carolina Student Arrested For Recording School Cop’s Violent Assault on Classmate

A South Carolina high school student who witnessed her classmate being physically abused by a school resource officer was arrested and held on $1,000 for
filming the incident. Niya Kenny, 18, told WLTX she was shocked and disturbed when she saw Officer Ben Fields flipping her female classmate out of her desk
and pinning her to the ground for refusing to leave class.“I was screaming ‘What the f, what the f is this really happening?’ I was praying out loud for the
girl,” Kenny told WLTX. “I just couldn’t believe this was happening I was just crying and he said, since you have so much to say you are coming too. I just
put my hands behind my back.” The video, posted Monday by New York Daily News writer Shaun King, shows Fields wrapping his arms around the neck of the
pony-tailed girl. He then flips her desk over backwards and throws her onto the ground, saying “put your hands behind your back.”Kenny said her classmate is only about 5’6? and said she never saw anything like it before. Click here to see the video.

Back To The Future Day

Thirty years ago, Marty McFly arrived today. The hero of Back To The Future Part II left 1985 in a DeLorean, hit 88mph and found himself in 2015 - 21 October, to be precise. "You mean we're in the future?" McFly asked Dr Emmett Brown. Well, here we are in the future. The 1989 film actually got a fair bit right - videoconferencing, robotic drones, using fingerprints to pay, electric cars (if not proper flying ones).

Lamar Odom Improving, talking and breathing by his self

Lamar Odom is breathing on his own and told his estranged wife, Khloe Kardashian, "I love you," according to his former coach Jim Harrick.
Late last week, Odom woke up and spoke for the first time, saying "Hi" to Kardashian, who had rushed to his bedside.
Harrick said that he's been in touch with her every day. Odom spoke to her Monday, the coach said, telling her "Good morning!" before going back to sleep.
"We're more hopeful now" that Odom will recover, Harrick said. "We've been on pins and needles for days."Odom's maternal aunt, JaNean Mercer, also commented on Monday. She released a written statement which said, "Lamar has always been blessed with a tenacious, fighting spirit, overcoming insurmountable obstacles to achieve the impossible. These past few days have been no different."He is "defying the odds in his toughest battle to date" with "God's grace," she said. She added, "We are committed to remaining by his side as a family for our champion, who we love immensely."

Lamar Odom is in a coma, Khloe Kardashinian by his side

Khloe Kardashian is by her ex Lamar Odom's bedside, as it's now reported his organs are beginning to fail. The former NBA star is in a critical condition after being found unconscious at Dennis Hof's Love Ranch South in Pahrump, Nevada.
According to TMZ, Lamar is still in a coma, and breathing "with the assistance of machines".The gossip website claims his heart is failing and he "is having serious problems with his kidneys and lungs". E! News claims Khloe is "heartbroken", and the news has left her feeling "completely inconsolable and heartbroken".
The former NBA star was allegedly at the ranch for a number of days partying with girls and taking a herbal substitute for viagra, TMZ quoted sources as saying.
Hof's Ranch reportedly told the site that 35-year-old Odom was found unconscious in a VIP suite with fluid streaming from his mouth.
He is believed to have been taken to Pahrump hospital on Tuesday where he is reportedly being airlifted from for further treatment.

Herbal viagra are knowned to be dangerous.

Tesco major fall in profits

Tesco's operating profits have more than halved in the first half of the year, although the supermarket giant has managed to improve its UK sales.
Britain’s biggest supermarket posted £354m in operating profits for the first six months of the year, 54% lower than the £779m last year, excluding income from Tesco’s now sold South Korean business. Tesco continue to be under major pressure from discount retailers like Aldi and Lidl.

Paul Walker's daughter 'sues Porsche'

The daughter of the late Fast and Furious actor Paul Walker is to sue carmaker Porsche over the crash in which he died, US reports say. Walker was a passenger in a Porsche a friend was driving when it hit a pole and
burst into flames in November 2013. US media report that a wrongful death case has now been filed by Walker's daughter Meadow, who is 16, alleging the carmaker took safety shortcuts.
Porsche has not yet publicly responded to the claims.
TMZ states there is legal documents which says his seatbelt "snapped Walker's torso back with thousands of pounds of force, thereby breaking his ribs and pelvis," and trapping him when the vehicle caught fire.

Supermoon'combined with a lunar eclipse

A supermoon occurs when the Moon is in the closest part of its orbit to Earth, meaning it appears larger in the sky. The eclipse - which made the Moon appear red - has been visible in North America, South America, West Africa and Western Europe. This phenomenon was last observed in 1982 and will not be back before 2033.

Pope Francis in Havana

Pope Francis and Fidel Castro met in Havana on Sunday at the former Cuban leader's home. Mr. Castro, who was accompanied by his wife and several children and grandchildren, presented the pope with a book of interviews with himself that focused on his views of religion.

Jackie Collins Passed away

The novelist Jackie Collins has died of breast cancer at the age of 77, her family said in a statement. The British-born writer, sister of actress Joan Collins, died in Los Angeles, her spokeswoman said.Collins's raunchy novels of the rich and famous sold more than 500 million copies in 40 countries. In a career spanning four decades, all 32 of her novels appeared in the New York Times bestseller list.
The family statement said the writer lived "a wonderfully full life", adored by family, friends and readers."She was a true inspiration, a trailblazer for women in fiction and a creative force. She will live on through her characters but we already miss her beyond words," it added. Collins was diagnosed with stage-four breast cancer six-and-a-half years ago, according to US celebrity magazine People.Her sister Joan, 82, who only learned the news herself in the last fortnight, told People magazine she was "completely devastated"."She was my best friend. I admire how she handled this. She was a wonderful, brave and a beautiful person and I love her," she said.
Collins had lost her mother, second husband and fiance to cancer. She told the Press Association earlier this month that she had chosen to celebrate life rather than mourn those she had lost.
R.I.P Jackie Collins!

Notting Hill Carnival

Notting Hill Carnival bands are taking to the roads of west London for the second day of what is thought to be Europe's largest street music festival. Up to 60 bands in colourful costumes are taking part in the Grand Finale street parade. There are also 38 sound systems to entertain crowds.


European club Hooligans out to scalp British fans

English fans at Euro 2016 are being targeted by hooligan gangs linked to European club sides who want to "claim a scalp" by attacking the large travelling support.police believe English fans have been attacked by "ultras" affiliated to at least four different clubs and Northern Ireland fans have also faced provocation. In Lens, where England played Wales, ultras associated with Belgian club Standard Liege were present, and Feyenoord fans targeted them in Lille, where many English supporters stayed before the game.
Police believe an incident in Lyon on Sunday night in which English fans traded punches with another group was provoked by supporters of Olympique Lyonnais. In Marseille, scene of the most extreme violence, supporters associated with Paris St Germain were involved in clashes with the English as well as a "hyper-violent" Russian hooligan gang. Northern Ireland fans were targeted by Nice ultras before their first game in the tournament in the southern city.

MMA fighter Kimbo Slice has died, aged 42

It has been confirmed Kevin Ferguson aka Kimbo Slice has died at the age of 42.
The MMA fighter Slice, who's real name Kevin Ferguson, was admitted to hospital in Coral Springs, Florida, with police reportedly asking his family for information after his admittance. However, it was confirmed later on Monday night that the former UFC fighter had died. He is survived by his girlfriend and six children. Friends described him as a gentle giant out side of the ring.

R.I.P Kevin Ferguson aka "Kimbo Slice" a true talent & star of the modern age!!

University student strikes back at David Cameron after EU debate

(Sky news) The university student who accused David Cameron of "waffling" during a Sky News debate on the European Union has said the PM "had it coming".
Hitting back at claims she was "rude" to the Prime Minister, audience member Soraya Bouazzaoui told Sky News she had given him a "taste of his own medicine".
"He has spent his entire six years being dishonest, untruthful, brushing a lot of worrying things under the rug and I think for someone to actually finally call him out on it was necessary," she said.
"He's done nothing but lie to this country and not fulfil any of his promises and I'm expected to sit there and take it on the chin and listen to his waffling?
Prime Minister Admits EU 'Drives him crazy

Anti-corruption summit David Cameron planing to name foreign property owners

Foreign firms that own property in the UK will have to declare their assets publicly in a bid to stamp out money-laundering, the government says.
Companies will have to be on a new register if they hold property or want to compete for government contracts.The move comes as Prime Minister David Cameron attempts to lead a wider effort to crack down on global corruption.World leaders are gathering in London for a summit aimed at stepping up action to tackle the problem.

Victoria Wood dies aged 62

The comedian Victoria Wood, described as “one of the brightest talents of our generation”, has died aged 62 after a short illness.Her publicist Neil Reading confirmed she had died after a “short but brave battle with cancer.”
“The multi-Bafta-award-winning writer, director, actor and comedian died peacefully at her north London home with family this morning. The family ask for privacy at this very sad time,” he said.
R.I.P Victoria Wood, warm hearted and funny you will aways be remembered!8

Phife Dawg from Tribe Called Quest dies at the age of 45

Rapper Phife Dawg from the rap pioneer group A Tribe Called Quest, has died at the age of 45. The musician had been struggling with ill health and diabetes for several years, and received a kidney transplant from his wife in 2008. Born Malik Isaac Taylor
in 1970, he co-founded the philosophically-focused rap group in 1985 with his classmates Q-Tip and Ali Shaheed Muhammad. Their biggest hit came in 1991, with the single "Can I Kick It" The band recently reformed to perform the song on Jimmy Fallon's US chat show, as they marked the 25th anniversary of their debut album People's Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm. News of Phife Dawg's death emerged on Twitter, where producer and broadcaster DJ Chuck Chillout posted an RIP message in the early hours of Wednesday morning. R.I.P Phife Dawg, a truely special talented man gone but never forgotten!!

George Osborne's 2016 Budget will hurt the disabled

In George Osborne's 2016 Budget, he promised thousands of pounds to young savers, froze fuel duty and scrapped taxes for the smallest businesses. But there was a dark underside - only days before, the Government confirmed it would cut Personal Independence Payments, stripping disabled Brits of up to £150 a week.
With more than 2,500 benefit claimants dying after being declared "fit for work", disabled Brits are understandably nervous about the turn the Government is taking.
A Tory disability campaigner even sabotaged the website he ran in protest.

A man was shot dead in Church rd Harlesden Last night

A man who has been named as Oliver has died after being caught up in a hail of gunfire on a London street. Witnesses said the victim, believed to be in his 20s, was hit at close range by a "high-powered weapon" from a blacked-out hatchback
car in Harlesden last night. He suffered multiple gunshot wounds and was pronounced dead at the scene. Some social media reports suggest the victim was connected to local gangs.But friends of the victim told the Evening Standard that he was an innocent bystander who was caught in the crossfire between two rival gangs.
One witness told the newspaper that he "heard about six shots like a machine gun". The gunman is believed to have fled the scene in a car and no arrests have been made, the Metropolitan Police said.

Maria Sharapova failed drug test and loses Nike & other endorsement deals

Maria Sharapova, tennis star and longtime “rival” of Serena Williams has revealed that she failed a drug test during the 2016 Australian Open. Sharapova failed the test due to the drug meldonium; a drug she said she has been using for 10 years for health issues but the drug has been known to increase metablism and inprove indurance. The tennis player expects to face pending punishment from the International Tennis Federation. Nike and other companies are also suspending major endorsement deals with the Russian tennis star. Automaker Porsche, owned by Volkswagen (VLKAY), said Tuesday it was postponing all planned sponsorship activities with Sharapova. Swiss watch brand TAG Heuer, part of the LVMH (LVMHF) group, said it was suspending negotiations with the tennis player about renewing a sponsorship deal that ended in December.

US Gen Philip Breedlove accuses Russia and Syria of 'weaponising' migration

US Gen Philip Breedlove said they were "weaponising" migration to destabilise and undermine the continent. He also suggested that criminals, extremists and fighters were hiding in the flow of migrants. Migrants are continuing to accumulate in Greece, after Macedonia stopped allowing more than a trickle through.

Presidential candidate Donald Trump wins in Nevada, cementing his lead in the Republican race

Trump now has three caucus wins in a row, after victories in New Hampshire and South Carolina.Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, who have been trading barbs this week, came second and third respectively.Party officials said they were checking reports of double voting and insufficient ballots at one site. Some volunteers also wore clothing in support of Mr Trump, but officials said this was not against the rules.

Judge Vonda Evans serves Justice against racist ex cop

Former Inkster police officer William Melendez was sentenced in a case of assault against Floyd Dent, at Wayne County court in Detroit on Feb. 2.
“You utilized your ‘Dirty Harry’ tactics and used excessive force to arrest him,” said Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Vonda Evans, as she issued a minimum 13-month sentence to racist ex cop Melendez,Judge Vonda also spoke before the sentencing, saying Melendez and his officer were playing a "game" when they decided to pull over Dent."You forgot the eye of justice was watching. The dash cam designed to protect you - caught you. You knew better," she said.
Melendez was found guilty of misconduct in office and assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder. The first charge carried up to a 5 year prison penalty and the second charge had a maximum of 10 years.
He was sentenced to no less than 13 months and no more than 10 years in prison on the first count, and was given 90 days credit for the second charge.

IS member Tarik Hassane plotted to kill Londoners on moped

A man has admitted an Islamic State-inspired plot to kill civilians in London during a series of drive-by shootings on a moped. Tarik Hassane, 22, from west London, pleaded guilty at the Old Bailey to conspiracy to murder and preparation of terrorist acts.
He planned to kill soldiers, police officers and civilians on the streets of the capital. The charges state that he conspired with co-defendants and others to murder "a person or persons unknown" between 8 July and 25 September 2014.
And between 8 July 2014 and 7 October 2014, they are said to have researched, planned and sourced a weapon and ammunition with a "view to committing an attack or attacks on a person or persons within the United Kingdom".
Three other co-accused, all from west London, deny the charges. They are Nyall Hamlett, 25, Nathan Cuffy, 26, and Suhaib Majeed, 21. Some of them are also charged with firearms offences.Trial judge Mr Justice Wilkie adjourned the case until Monday.
In a separate case, a taxi driver who planned to leave his heavily-pregnant wife and young son in the UK and head off for a new life in Syria with a jihadi bride has been found guilty of terror offences.

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange should be allowed to walk free

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange should be allowed to walk free and be compensated for his "deprivation of liberty", a UN legal panel has found.Mr Assange, 44, - who faces extradition to Sweden over a rape claim, which he denies - claimed asylum in London's Ecuadorean embassy in 2012.He has been arbitrarily detained since his arrest in 2010, the panel said.The UK Foreign Office said the report "changes nothing" and it will "formally contest the working group's opinion".Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said the panel's opinion was "ridiculous" and Mr Assange was a "fugitive from justice". The Met Police said it will make "every effort" to arrest Mr Assange should he leave the embassy.The panel's ruling is not legally binding in the UK and a European Arrest Warrant remains in place - meaning the UK continues to have a legal obligation to extradite Mr Assange.

Stephen Lawrence murder suspect "Jamie Acourt" on run from police

Acourt was one of five men who were accused of stabbing 18-year-old student Stephen Lawrence to death in a racially motivated attack in Eltham, South East London in April 1993. It was not until Gary Dobson and David Norris were found guilty of murdering Stephen Lawrence that there was any justice for the victim or for his family Photo: PA
He and the other members of the gang were arrested at the time but were not charged with the murder. In 1994 the Lawrence family launched a private prosecution against the five suspects the charges against Acourt were dropped before the trial due to lack of evidence. The following year a public inquiry accused the Metropolitan Police of institutional racism after identifying a string of failures in the initial investigation.
In 2011 a forensic breakthrough led to two other members of the gang, Gary Dobson and David Norris being charged with murder. They were convicted in January 2012 and jailed for life.
Acourt, a father of one lives with his girlfriend in a £250,000 home in Sidcup, around three miles from where the Lawrence killing took place. His girlfriend is the director of a successful children’s clothing company which sources stock from Spain, meaning he regularly travels there with her.

Books of Condolence opens for Sir Terry Wogan since his passing

PBooks of condolence have opened for Sir Terry Wogan, as his breakfast show successor Chris Evans paid tribute on air to "radio's Eric Morecambe".
The veteran broadcaster died of cancer on Sunday at the age of 77. The books, in Sir Terry's birthplace of Limerick, will allow people to mark the
passing of "a true son of Limerick", the city's mayor Liam Galvin said.

Sir Terry Wogans ill health: After disappearing from the airwaves suddenly last year, Sir Terry's illness was kept so private that executives and colleagues at
the BBC were convinced he would return to the radio within weeks. Instead of revealing the diagnosis, he told friends he had a back problem. The star – whose long-running Radio 2 breakfast show catapulted him to nationwide fame – was hailed as the country's greatest broadcaster. The Prime Minister led tributes, describing Sir Terry as 'someone millions came to feel was their own special friend'.But signs of his poor health were revealed in November when he pulled out of presenting the Children In Need telethon on the eve of the broadcast, blaming his withdrawal on surgery for his back. Sir Terry died surrounded by his family "after a short but brave battle with cancer", a statement released by his family said.
He leaves his wife, Helen, and their three children. The couple also had a daughter who died in infancy.An online book of condolences will be hosted on Limerick's official website with separate books of condolence at council buildings in Dooradoyle and Merchants Quay opening on Monday morning.
RIP Sir Terry Wogans.

Jamie Foxx save a man from a burning car

Jamie Foxx has helped to rescue a man from a burning car outside his home in California.Police said the car left the road and went into a ditch, rolling over multiple times and becoming engulfed in flames with a male driver trapped inside.
The incident happened outside the actor's southern Californian home. The California highway patrol said the car came off the road in Ventura County and
32-year-old Brett Kyle, was trapped inside. Foxx said he heard the crash from his house, called 911, and ran to the scene. He said the off-duty paramedic, who was driving by at the time, used large scissors to break the window, cut the man’s seatbelt and pull him out.Foxx said the truck went up in flames seconds after the rescue. The actor said he told the man: “You’ve got to help me get you out, because I don’t want to have to leave you. You’ve got angels around you.”
“I don’t look at it as heroic,” Foxx told reporters after meeting Kyle’s father, Brad, following the rescue. “I just look at it like, you know, you just had to do something.

Alan Rickman dies at the age 69

Actor Alan Rickman, known for films: Die Hard, Harry Potter, Truly Madly Deeply and Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, has died at the age of 69.The star was suffering from cancer, his family said. He became one of Britain's best-loved acting stars thanks to roles including Professor Snape in the Harry Potter films and Hans Gruber in Die Hard. He also won a Bafta Award for playing the Sheriff of Nottingham in 1991's Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. A family statement said: "The actor and director Alan Rickman has died from cancer at the age of 69. He was surrounded by family and friends."
Harry Potter creator JK Rowling paid tribute to the actor on Twitter: "There are no words to express how shocked and devastated I am to hear of Alan Rickman's death.
He was a magnificent actor & a wonderful man."

Doctor strike

Hospitals in England prepare for a 24-hour strike its the first strike by junior doctors in 40 years is taking place with thousands walking out in a row over new contracts.
Around 4,000 procedures have already been cancelled, with patients urged to use other services such as GPs where possible.

Bill Cosby charged with indecent assault

Prosecutors in the US have charged comedian Bill Cosby with aggravated indecent assault over an alleged incident in 2004.It is the first time Mr Cosby, 78, has been charged with any offence after months of accusations.Andrea Constand says she was drugged then assaulted at the Philadelphia home of the former US television star. Dozens of women have accused him of sexual assault, dating back to the 1970s, but he has denied wrongdoing.
Mr Cosby made no comment as he arrived at court to be formally charged. He did not enter a plea at the hearing where a judge set bail at $1m (£675,000).
Later, his lawyer said in a statement that he would "mount a vigorous defence against this unjustified charge".

Hip-hop is good for your mental health

Cambridge University department of psychiatry, says rap music is therapeutic for those of us experiencing mental health issues. Its new Hip-Hop Psych initiative posits the theory that a significant amount of the genre comes from areas where poverty, marginalisation, crime and drugs are inevitable day-to-day realities, and that these, according to consultant psychiatrist Dr Akeem Sule, “are [among] the key risk factors for mental illness. [But] there’s often a message of hope in the lyrics describing the place they want to be.”

This, offers Sule and his study’s co-founder, clinical neuroscientist Dr Becky Inkster, is an example of “positive visual imagery”, a form of psychotherapy. They use as one of their main examples the track Juicy by The Notorious BIG, in which the late rapper talks of his deprived life to date – “wonder why Christmas missed us” – and of the life he hopes to achieve: one of “celebrating every day, no more public housing”. Inkster and Sule believe rap can be a valuable tool in bolstering self-esteem,and hope to take their project into prisons, schools and hostels in the future.Being so predominantly a lyrical artform, rap music is as open about mental illness as it is about most other aspects of life. The well known rapper Eminem, has spoken and rapped about his mental health issues at great length, and there are other artists out there as well, most notably Cage, who spent a large period of his younger life in mental health institutions.

I always knew hip hop was very good at helping people feel good and get through struggles in every day life,so glad It has been officially stated.

The blade runner Oscar Pistorius receives bail and electronic tag

Oscar Pistorius has been fitted with an electronic tag as part of his bail conditions after he avoided being sent back to prison despite his conviction for
murdering Reeva Steenkamp.Looking relaxed in a baseball cap and sunglasses, the athlete arrived at the correctional services department in Pretoria just hours
after a judge allowed him to continue his house arrest at his uncle's luxury villa. The Paralympian has to surrender all passports and will be strictly monitored as
he awaits his sentencing for murder, which has been set for April 18. During his bail hearing, it was also revealed that Pistorius has been studying for a law degree
through the London School of Economics. In an affidavit submitted to the court, he said he was taking a £5,000 BSc business with law course after struggling to find
work because of his conviction. He stated: 'I have no income, but will continue to seek employment. I have lost all of my assets.'
As part of his bail conditions, he will only be allowed to travel within 12 miles of his uncle's house, after receiving written permission of police, between the hours of 7am and midday. He has been fitted with a bracelet transponder so he can be located around the clock.

A 'MACHETE-WIELDING' man stabbs 56 year old at Leytonstone station in London

A 56-year-old man was stabbed in the ticket hall at Leytonstone station on Saturday evening by another man who witnesses say shouted "This is for Syria" as he slashed his throat.Another man was also injured and a woman was threatened with the knife during the incident at around 7.20pm.Distressed passers-by called the police who say they arrived on the scene within five minutes to find the man armed with the knife who also threatened them. The victim was rushed to hospital in a serious condition with multiple stab wounds, paramedics said. Frightened witnesses described how their normal Saturday night out turned into a horror show. One said the victim was an "elderly" man with a younger female family member while another said the suspect had a long knife, which looked like a machete.

Storm and floods wreaks havoc in parts of UK

Anger is mounting over the failure of Cumbria's £48million flood defences - 'designed for a one-in-100-year event'.

Families are forced out of their homes by the impact of Storm Desmond were today told it could be eight months before they can return as a war of words erupted over the nation’s flood defence systems.It came as the devastating storm claimed its second victim, with Cumbria Police confirming that a body had been found in a search of the River Kent in Kendal after an elderly man fell into the water yesterday.
More than 7,000 people were still without power this morning, while there was also disruption to travel, schools and hospitals in the north of England. Forecasters say another seven inches of rain is expected to fall across Northern Ireland, Scotland and parts of northernEngland between now and Thursday.It follows confirmation from the Met Office that a new record was set at the weekend for the most amount
of rain to fall in a 24-hour period. A total of 13.5 inches was recorded at a gauge in Honister Pass, Cumbria.The areas most badly hit by the flooding so far are Carlisle, Keswick, Appleby and Shap in Cumbria, Morecambe, Carnforth and Lancaster in Lancashire and Hawick and Perth in Scotland. The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs said it was aware of 2,100 homes affected by the floods.
It is feared the clean-up operation could cost as much as half a billion pounds, exceeding the £400million spent following the flooding in Cumbria in 2005 and £276million four years later.

Three Northern white rhino left

One of the world's last four remaining northern white rhinos has died in a zoo in the United States. The condition of Nola, a 41-year-old female, had deteriorated after surgery and she was put down on Sunday. Nola had been a popular attraction
at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park since 1989. The remaining three northern white rhinos - all elderly - are kept closely guarded at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya.
Surrogacy programme: Nola underwent surgery on 13 November to drain a hip abscess. However, her health deteriorated a week ago and worsened again over the weekend and it was decided she should be put down.
The northern white rhino population was devastated by poachers seeking their prized horns, and was declared extinct in the wild in 2008.
San Diego zoo has recently brought in six southern white rhinos, hoping to use them as surrogate mothers for northern white rhino embryos.

ISIS gunmen hidden amongst refugees and migrants

Islamic State extremists are taking advantage of developed nations' generosity towards refugees to infiltrate Europe, he said. Refugees were applauded as they arrived in Germany this weekend having made the journey through Hungary and Austria.
The lethal ISIS gunmen use local smugglers to blend in and travel amongst a huge tide of illegal migrants flooding Europe. An ISIS operative has stated that:
There are now more than 4,000 covert ISIS gunmen "ready" across the European Union. They are following the well-trodden route taken by refugees and migrants fleeing & travelling across the border of Turkey then on boats across to Greece and through Europe.They are going like refugees," he said.Two Turkish refugee-smugglers backed up the claims made by the ISIS Syrian operative. One admitted to helping more than ten trained ISIS rebels infiltrate Europe under the guise of asylum seekers. He said: "I’m sending some fighters who want to go and visit their families. "Others just go to Europe to be ready." He also states that said ISIS had ambitious plans ahead.

Migrant crisis in Sweden as they introduce border checks

Sweden has announced the introduction of temporary border checks to control the flow of migrants into the country. It said it took the step because a surge in new arrivals had
resulted in a threat to public order. The controls will come into effect from midday local time on Thursday and will last initially for 10 days. At a summit in Malta, the EU agreed to set up a €1.8bn (£1.3bn) fund to help Africa tackle "the root causes of irregular migration". But some African leaders have already criticised the sum being offered as insufficient.Some 150,000 people from African countries such as Eritrea, Nigeria and Somalia have crossed the Mediterranean from Africa this year, but this has been dwarfed by the arrival of some 650,000 people - mostly Syrians - via Turkey and Greece. Tensions in the EU have been rising because of the pressures faced by those countries where most migrants initially arrive, particularly Greece, Italy and Hungary. Many then head to Germany or Sweden - the two nations regarded as the most welcoming to refugees - to claim asylum.

DOCTORS Dr.Seb NATURAL HEALING everything from the common cold, cancer to full blown AIDS

Dr. Sebi is an ambassador for self healing, and was able to prove through his work and the court of law that his natural means of medicine is full proof.
Back in 1988 he was sued for false advertisement and practice without a license after placing a bunch of ads in newspapers, including the New York Post.
Sebi went to a Supreme Court trial to battle the Attorney General of NY. Before it began they made him bring a witness for every ailment he claimed to have cured.
77 people showed up with Sebi at court, and after it was evident that he was the real deal everything was dropped.This doctor has even helped the likes of Michael Jackson,
Eddie Murphy, Left Eye, and John Travolta.

Canada whale boat stability under question

Most passengers on a whale-watching boat which sank off Canada were standing on the vessel's left side when a wave hit it from the right, affecting its stability,
investigators say. Five Britons were killed when Leviathan II sank near Tofino, British Columbia, on Sunday. A 27-year-old Australian man remains missing.
Canadian investigators said the vessel tilted and then capsized. Passengers were not required to wear life jackets, but they were available.
The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) said an examination of the vessel would begin on Wednesday to "understand its condition at the time of the accident".

TalkTalk cyber-attack: Boss 'receives ransom email

The head of TalkTalk says she has had an email demanding a ransom from a group purporting to be behind the cyber-attack suffered by the company.
Chief executive Dido Harding said she did not know whether the ransom email was genuine.The phone and broadband provider said personal and banking details of up to four million customers may have been accessed in the "significant" attack.
The Met Police said the email was "forming part of its investigations".

Ebola Scottish Nurse's Pauline Cafferkey Condition Improves

Scottish Nurse's Condition Improves Following Complications From Virus, Officials Say. Pauline Cafferkey was recently readmitted to an isolation unit in critical condition. She had contracted the virus in 2014 and was discharged. She is now considered in “serious but stable” condition.

Ebola nurse Pauline Cafferkey 'critically ill

Scottish nurse Pauline Cafferkey, who is being treated for complications from Ebola, is now "critically ill", doctors have said.Ms Cafferkey, 39, was readmitted to a specialist isolation unit at the Royal Free Hospital in London last week.The hospital said in a statement that her condition had deteriorated.
Ms Cafferkey contracted Ebola while working at a treatment centre in Sierra Leone last year.She spent almost a month in isolation at the Royal Free at the beginning of the year after the virus was detected when she arrived back in the UK.She was later discharged after apparently making a full recovery, but it was discovered last week that Ebola was still present in her body.

Stepbrother Admits of the killing of Becky Watts

The stepbrother of Becky Watts has admitted killing her but denied murder in a crime the prosecution claim had a sexual motive.Nathan Matthews, 28 pleaded not guilty to murder at Bristol Crown Court but a jury has been told he admits killing the teenager, saying he tried to kidnapand imprison her before strangling her. He claims to have acted alone and has denied conspiring to kidnap her.The prosecution told the court Becky died as a result of a plan by Matthews and his girlfriend Shauna Hoare to kidnap her, motivated by their "apparent dislike of Rebecca Watts" and a sexual interest.Becky, 16, went missing from her home in St George, Bristol on 19 February. Her body parts were discovered at a property in the city on 2 March.
Opening the case, prosecutor William Mousley QC said that Becky was killed in her bedroom on 19 February, adding: "She was suffocated, despite her fighting for her life.
"There followed a deliberate, carefully planned and grotesquely executed plan to cover up her killing."
The prosecution claims that after her death, Becky's body was cut up with a knife and power saw, with the parts then being packed and moved to prevent them being found.
Matthews' girlfriend Shauna Hoare, 22, has denied all of the charges against her, including murder. Karl Demetrius, 29, and his girlfriend Jaydene Parsons, 23 have pleaded guilty to assisting an offender, but they maintain they "did not know or believe" that bags they helped move contained Becky's body.
Donovan Demetrius, 29 - Karl's twin brother - and James Ireland, 23, both deny assisting an offender.

Its now illegal to Smoke inside a vehicle

A law banning smoking in vehicles carrying children has come into force in England and Wales.Drivers and passengers who break the law could face a penalty fine of £50 - but police say they will take a non-confrontational approach initially.
Whenever an under-18 is in the car, smokers will still be liable even if the windows are down or sunroof open.But the law will not apply to people who are driving in a convertible which has the roof down.Nor does it apply to e-cigarettes.
The Scottish Parliament is expected to consider bringing in its own law banning smoking in cars carrying children next year.
Meanwhile, officials in Northern Ireland said they would look at how the ban is working elsewhere before deciding whether or not to follow suit.

Nasa scientists find evidence of flowing water on Mars

Liquid water runs down canyons and crater walls over the summer months on Mars, according to researchers who say the discovery raises the chances of being home to some form of life.The trickles leave long, dark stains on the Martian terrain that can reach hundreds of metres downhill in the warmer months, before they dry up in the autumn as surface temperatures drop.

Big touble for Volkswagen

11 million vehicles worldwide are involved in the VW emissions scandal that has erupted over its rigging of US car emissions tests.It said it was setting aside €6.5bn (£4.7bn) to cover costs of the scandal. VW added this would pay for "necessary service measures and other efforts to win back the trust of our customers".The boss of Volkswagen's US business, Michael Horn, has admitted it "totally screwed up" in using software to rig emissions tests. VW shares were down more than 20% on Tuesday in Frankfurt.Last Friday, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said VW diesel cars had much higher emissions than tests had suggested and that software in several diesel cars could deceive regulators.

French Finance Minister Michel Sapin has called for an EU inquiry, but a UK car industry spokesman said there was "no evidence" of cheating. Mike Hawes, who is chief executive of the UK's Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, said the EU operated a "fundamentally different system" from the US, with tests performed in strict conditions and witnessed by a government-appointed independent approval agency.

"There is no evidence that manufacturers cheat the cycle," he said. "Vehicles are removed from the production line randomly and must be standard production models, certified by the relevant authority - the UK body
being the Vehicle Certification Agency, which is responsible to the Department for Transport."France's Mr Sapin said inquiries in Europe had to be conducted "at a European level".However, he also described current testing methods as "outdated" and said the car industry wanted an updated emissions test, "more representative of on-road conditions".

15-Mile Motorway Jam in Migrant Crackdown

Drivers on a Hungarian motorway leading to the Austrian border are facing 15-mile tailbacks because of tighter controls on people smuggling.New checks on vehicles have been introduced by the Austrian authorities after 71 refugees were found dead in an abandoned lorry last week.The M1 motorway and a nearby main road were jammed, state road operator Magyar Kozut told National News Agency MTI. Officials said 200 asylum seekers and five suspected people traffickers had been found during the first few hours of the operation.

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Winter events

Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park London - 21st November 2014 to 4th January 2015 (free enterance)

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